Monday, November 7, 2016

Lung Lab Field Trip

We are excited to add to the classroom learning of our Life Science Unit on Body Systems by going to the Museum of Nature and Science and experiencing a dissection of a lamb's lung.  Students will first rotate a few experiments and fill out a lab book to record their findings.  After, they will work in pairs to dissect a lung, getting hands on experience of the great things we have been learning in class.

In addition to the respiratory system, in class we will also learn about the circulatory system, digestive system, and excretory.  We will relate all these to Life Processes and show how they all are a part of a larger system that keeps us alive.  Students will look at this system and analyze its interdependance and functions of each part.  Students will also discover how parts and systems are affected when disease, illness, or breakdown occurs.  As we wrap up this unit, students will create a product using technology to demonstrate their learning.

As an extension, students will also get the opportunity to research other systems and discern how they work with the other systems and their functions (bones, muscles, central nervous, etc.).

Here's a link to the flier for the field trip that was sent home on Friday.