Tonight's Planner:

Reader's Response Letters
Each week students will turn in a Reader's Response on something that they have recently read.  This can be from a novel, magazine, blog, or non-fiction text.  Students will turn these in via their Reading Google Classroom.  The first part of the response is a summary of what they read.  The second part should show me their thinking about what they read.  We have practiced this a few times in class, and I have shown many examples.  Here are a few more for your reference as well as some ideas to get you started:

Weekly Reading Log/Math Log
5th Grade Students are required to read a minimum of 100 minutes a week.  A week is from Friday to Thursday and how you as a family break that up is completely up to you!  Some choose to read mostly on the weekends, while others prefer a few minutes each day.  Find a comfy spot at home and enjoy a great book!!
As far as the Math Log goes: please spend 30 minutes a week practicing some math skills.  This is open-ended purposefully so that each kiddo can do what they need to do to make themselves a better mathematician.  This might mean working on facts, solving longer complex problems, working on concepts we've learned through the week, doing worksheets, playing math games we've learned in class, or practicing skills we've already done to keep the information fresh.  If you have trouble finding something, come ask me for ideas!